mercoledì 23 novembre 2011

Live and Explore!

In april 2011 we were invited by a crew of UK based journalists (Redwood Group), from the Volvo's LIV magazine, to partecipate in theyr "European Art Movement" project. The basic idea was a trip trough Europe on their Volvo XC60 with three stops, one for every selected artist. The stops were Bornholm in Denmark (Anne Sofie Meldgaard), Leipzig in Germany (Metulczki) and Lugano in Switzerland (us). We had to choose a place to realize a work and we decided to do that on the top of the "Balestra" Carpark in the center of Lugano. 

The work we realized represents a kind of exploration: the astronaut is a person who visits places that few humans can see, looking at things with wonder and, of course, for the first time; he discover them. The car instead explores the inside, lives the place in detail; it knows it and it's part of it. The article and the interview are published on issue n°2 - 2011 of LIV magazine and also as video documentary on Volvo's website. 

You can see the artwork by CLICKING HERE, the video interview by CLICKING HERE and you can read the article HERE.

domenica 13 novembre 2011

Goodbye Donuts!

It's out now on iTunes Store, the latest album of the japanese band Icon Girl Pistols, for which we made the cover art and we created a new band logo: "Goodbye Donuts (Hey, statue of Liberty)".

We were contacted by the Icon Girl Pistols after using one of their songs for our art-video "Lack of ispiratione" (made with Andrea Todaro). They gave us 100% of freedom and we created something that in our minds could fit with their music. 
The big mechanical creature spread with pink paint a heap-dump-city district floating on the water; he's probably dancing and making a lot of noise while a new life arrives everywhere around him.

Take a better look of the album cover on our website.

You can listen and buy the album on iTunes store, and visit the band's website. We also have a wallpapers set here in the downloads page.

giovedì 27 ottobre 2011

Paint Club Switzerland Video!

On 2nd september 2011, we partecipated in the "Paint Club" Swiss competition at the "Rok" club in Luzern (CH), which consisted in an "art battle" between three teams of artists (2 artists in every team). With a subject decided just before the start ("BlockParty"), we had ninety minutes to create a painting (improvising) using acrylics and markers.
In the end, two judges and the audience chose our painting as the winner, and then we got the opportunity to participate in the European finals of the "Paint Club" in Berlin, that will probably be in 2012.

By clicking HERE you can see a short video about the performance.

The video is filmed by Andrea Todaro ( and edited by us.  The song is "Traffic Cars" by Professor Kliq ( ), and here you can find more details about the PAINT CLUB (

mercoledì 5 ottobre 2011

The Last Tea T-Shirt!

Our new t-shirt design is now on Threadless, and for the next 7 days it will be there to be voted,  shared and commented. If it will reach enough votes and if the Threadless team will like it, our design will be printed as t-shirt and sold from Threadless (and we will win a prize too!).

"The Last Tea" is a vintage, black-humorous, elegant and sweet-flavoured design. Printed in 2 colors (on many possible t-shirt background colors), it will immediately refresh you and the atmosphere around you (or it will probably cool it… :-P).

Look at it HERE and if you like it, please vote it, share it, comment it, and check the "as Tee" box on the top right.  :-) Thank you so much!!

venerdì 23 settembre 2011

Unlucky Munnies Series!

The "Unlucky Munnies" is our new series of 4" munny customs (Kidrobot). Two of them were already part of the first projects for the Munnyworld Megacontest 2011, but due to time constraints we decided to make only the "Vampirized". Given its success (awarded "Best Minimalist Design"), we decided to make the remaining two and expand the series with other new ideas.

So the series "Unlucky Munnies. In the wrong place, at the wrong time" is mainly made on 6 Munnies (Kidrobot) and then accompanied by other characters of the same group (Trikky, Bub, Foomi).
These unfortunate DIY toys have found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, and therefore were "Vampirized", "Werewolfed", "Zombified", "Facehugged", "Assimilated" and choose the "Dark Side" of the Force.

The "Vampirized" is a twin of the winner one, maybe bitten during the night by the same vampire too. The "Werewolfed" was infected by the scratch of a werewolf (this happens when you leave a Munny unattended on the window sill). "Zombified" is a living corpse of a Munny, gradually decaying and hungry for Munny-flesh. "Facehugged", "Assimilated" and "Dark Side" were Space travellers, but also in deep Space you can be really unfortunate: so the first one was attacked by an Alien's facehugger, the second one met the Borgs and the third one was too angry and scared and a Sith probably persuaded him.

You can see more about the "Unlucky Munnies" HERE.

lunedì 19 settembre 2011

Smart Painting Video!

During this summer we had a lot of different things to do, and this is just one of them! During an event in june we were asked to create a painting on a "Smart" car in 2-3 hours. So now we edited a a short video, filmed by us and Andrea Todaro, which shows our performance. 

You can see the video HERE.

The song we used is "Built to Last" by Fall Walk Run.

sabato 20 agosto 2011

Making of The Daughter of the Sea!

We finally made the making of video of the sculpture we realized for Costa Cruise's ship "Costa Favolosa", inaugurated in july 2011. 
"The Daughter of the Sea" is based on the theme "Ondine", the water nymph from the mythology. The sculpture, a little bit different from our usual style, was realized with different media, both for the shell and for the girl, and then casted in bronze and refined at the artistic foundry "Rimart" in Senago (MI, Italy).
For the video we used pictures and videos from many different cameras, mobile phones and so on. The song is "At the Mall" by Emerald Park.

You can watch the video HERE (available on Vimeo and Youtube).

mercoledì 20 luglio 2011

Lack of inspiratione

This is a strange summer here in Switzerland, it's raining too much. If it should never stop, how could we continue create as we use to do? :-P

"Lack of inspiratione" is an underwater video by Andrea Todaro and us. With Nevercrew (Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni), Andrea Todaro and Jivka Nacevska. The song is "Structure of a Revolution" by Icon Girl Pistols.

To watch the video, click here.

venerdì 15 luglio 2011

New website!

It's finally ready and online our new website!
We decided to create a new one for many reasons: sometimes we like to change, we desired to show more and to communicate more, the old one was funny and stylish but not enough user-friendly and easy to update.

In our new website now we have 4 sections: Paintings, with our walls, murals, graffiti, canvases, and more; Designs, with graphics, objects and our series of "spaces"; Art toys, with our own production toys, our customs and our "Hangselm"paper-toy; Video, with our videos, making of of our artworks and video about us. There are also more informations about us (About us, Contacts),a  store, and the MBox (memories box), where we show random picture about us, our past, our works, and so on.

Moreover, we added descriptions and related links for every work, more connections with the social networks (to share our work or follow us, if interested) and we also changed the style of this blog (as you can see).

In our website, we made the graphical, artistic and conceptual part, but the entire structure was programmed by Igor Kovacevic (, a professional programmer and developer of websites, blogs, mobile applications, templates, and so on.

lunedì 6 giugno 2011

Best Minimalist Design category winners!

The 31th of may Kidrobot and its judges published the results of the Munnyword Megacontest 2011, and we're glad to announce that our "Vampirized" Munny won in the "Best Minimalist Design" category. In addition, also other two of our customs reached a bit of glory: 2nd place in the "Best Animal Design" category for "Apartment Bat" and 3rd place in the "Most Innovative" category for the "Living City" Munny. Our biggest compliments to the brazilian artist Sergio Mancini for the Best in Show prize.

giovedì 5 maggio 2011

Munnyworld Megacontest Customs!

At the end of april we completed our seven Munny customs (4 inches) for the Munnyworld Megacontest organized by Kidrobot. They're now online on the contest's website, and everyone can see them  and "like" them on page 3 (scrolling down to the middle of the page). At the end of may, Kidrobot will reveal the main winner and the winners of each category (click here).

Our designs are: "Sand snake's dinner" (an "unlucky Munny"), "Living City", "Apartment Bat", "Vampirized" (another "unlucky Munny"), "Cupboard dweller", "Munny's Freedom" (the marionette Munny) and "Concrete cleaner".

(click on the images to enlarge them)


martedì 3 maggio 2011

The Munny and Dunny paradox!

The 23th of april 2011 we went to Fribourg (CH), after passing a selection in march, to realize a Munny custom during the Asphalt Kreatorz contest at the Cafè Le XXeme. We realized a double coustom using the 7 inches Munny (Kidrobot), provided by the organizators, and a 4 inches Munny, that we transformed in a Dunny. 

We used a quick drying modelling paste, spray paint, markers and so on, and in 7 hours we created our personal interpretation about the controversial genesis of the two characters. :-P the big Munny became a sort of Egg and the small Munny (transformed in a Dunny) became the little chick coming out from the egg. The organizators gave us the first place. :-)

Which came first, the Munny or the Dunny?