giovedì 5 maggio 2011

Munnyworld Megacontest Customs!

At the end of april we completed our seven Munny customs (4 inches) for the Munnyworld Megacontest organized by Kidrobot. They're now online on the contest's website, and everyone can see them  and "like" them on page 3 (scrolling down to the middle of the page). At the end of may, Kidrobot will reveal the main winner and the winners of each category (click here).

Our designs are: "Sand snake's dinner" (an "unlucky Munny"), "Living City", "Apartment Bat", "Vampirized" (another "unlucky Munny"), "Cupboard dweller", "Munny's Freedom" (the marionette Munny) and "Concrete cleaner".

(click on the images to enlarge them)


martedì 3 maggio 2011

The Munny and Dunny paradox!

The 23th of april 2011 we went to Fribourg (CH), after passing a selection in march, to realize a Munny custom during the Asphalt Kreatorz contest at the Cafè Le XXeme. We realized a double coustom using the 7 inches Munny (Kidrobot), provided by the organizators, and a 4 inches Munny, that we transformed in a Dunny. 

We used a quick drying modelling paste, spray paint, markers and so on, and in 7 hours we created our personal interpretation about the controversial genesis of the two characters. :-P the big Munny became a sort of Egg and the small Munny (transformed in a Dunny) became the little chick coming out from the egg. The organizators gave us the first place. :-)

Which came first, the Munny or the Dunny?