mercoledì 5 ottobre 2011

The Last Tea T-Shirt!

Our new t-shirt design is now on Threadless, and for the next 7 days it will be there to be voted,  shared and commented. If it will reach enough votes and if the Threadless team will like it, our design will be printed as t-shirt and sold from Threadless (and we will win a prize too!).

"The Last Tea" is a vintage, black-humorous, elegant and sweet-flavoured design. Printed in 2 colors (on many possible t-shirt background colors), it will immediately refresh you and the atmosphere around you (or it will probably cool it… :-P).

Look at it HERE and if you like it, please vote it, share it, comment it, and check the "as Tee" box on the top right.  :-) Thank you so much!!

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