martedì 3 agosto 2010

Daydream in a Box, "Making Of" Video!

We finally found the time to realize the "making of" video of our outdoor painting "Daydream in a Box", realized during november 2009 on the front wall of the youth center of Breganzona (Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland).
We recorded the most part of  the scenes when we had a bit of time and, as you can see, near the end we were more relaxed. :-P Nicole Dosso helped us recording sometimes and we had to wait till now to edit it.

The song is "Chased by a Cow" by Heifervescent (, the music project of Andy Doran from UK.

We posted the video on Youtube and Vimeo (more videos on both channels), and if you want to see the first post about this painting, with more pictures and data, you can see go here and on our website