sabato 25 dicembre 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 
by Nevercrew! :-)

giovedì 9 dicembre 2010

Qee Custom: Dress Code - The Rabbit Party!

It's almost two months that we're not publishing on our blog, but we are making a lot of works at the same time and there's nothing ready to be posted. The only one is the custom toy we made for the "Custom Session II" at the Café la Veme of Vevey the 20th of november 2010.

Our project's name is "Dress Code: The Bunny Party" and it's made on a Toy2R's BuneeQ Qee. As you can see in the pictures (click to enlarge), we realized a strange boy with a pink BuneeQ dress that's going, or coming from, a Bunny Party. ..where there's free QEER to drink! :-)

Oh! Soon we'll produce some to sell! We'll let you know when we're ready!

giovedì 14 ottobre 2010


During september we created and printed our new postcards. They're a hand drawing digitally coloured, the back is made to be sent like a normal postcard, there's a place to write what are you exploring and there's also a nice quote from George Orwell: "To see what is in front of one's nose requires a constant struggle.

We already put some in a few places in USA and Canada (for example: Toy Tokyo in NY, Magic Pony in Toronto and Camiondepompier in Montreal) and we'll probably put some more around soon! We hope you'll like them!

mercoledì 6 ottobre 2010

Donuts Mon Amour!

Our latest t-shirt design is ready to be voted on Threadless! Help it become a real printed t-shirt voting it and sharing it everywhere you can (on facebook, on twitter, and so on...). Click HERE to vote. and see more. Thank you! :-)

This is a funny mix of black & white drawing, old cars, donuts and tributes. The idea is to print it with two colors on white backgroung. The front show the imagie you see above and on the back you can see the same scene but from the back and backlight (a black shape!). You can see the flash presentation below, and you can vote it here.

sabato 11 settembre 2010

Outlandish Party Tshirt!

Here our latest t-shirt concept design "Outlandish Party", ready to be voted on Threadless for the next 7 days (till the 17th of september)! Please help our design to be printed and become a real tshirt, vote HERE.

This funny and 60's ispired design is made to make happy the one who wear it and who's around him! :-) The idea is to use one colour (to choose) on many backgrounds (as you can see in the flash presentation below). Click on the images to enlarge thenm.

venerdì 3 settembre 2010

Funny Finds: Never Toys!

Since some week we didn't post something here, so we decided to show a funny find: some artwork we made from 1999 to 2004. These are a mix of digital photomontage, analogical photography and illustration; sometimes they're self-portraits and sometimes we just used ourselves like model sbecause it was convenient and quick. They're called "Never Toys" and they were a part of a biggest project. (yes, we were already working on that in 1999! It's funny..) :-D on the images to enlarge them!

martedì 3 agosto 2010

Daydream in a Box, "Making Of" Video!

We finally found the time to realize the "making of" video of our outdoor painting "Daydream in a Box", realized during november 2009 on the front wall of the youth center of Breganzona (Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland).
We recorded the most part of  the scenes when we had a bit of time and, as you can see, near the end we were more relaxed. :-P Nicole Dosso helped us recording sometimes and we had to wait till now to edit it.

The song is "Chased by a Cow" by Heifervescent (, the music project of Andy Doran from UK.

We posted the video on Youtube and Vimeo (more videos on both channels), and if you want to see the first post about this painting, with more pictures and data, you can see go here and on our website

sabato 17 luglio 2010

Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

At the beginning of july we realized 2 paintings in a private house, one in a corridor and one in the kitchen. In both projects there were few requests from the client, that however gave us a lot of freedom.
For the main painting "Cuckoo Cuckoo", in the corridor, we had to realize an image contaning the cities of Zürich, Lugano, Locarno and the Leventina valley, and we had to integrate everything with a red stripe. We used acrylics directly on wall (250 x 250 centimeters the main part, but almost 600 cm with the entire red stripe). Here below: the project, considering that we weren't able to take front pictures of the total work. Click on the images to enlarge).

Into the kitchen, we had to create a sort of frame around a chalkboard-painted area of the wall (136 x 70 cm). We painted a billboard using mixed media, acrylics and spray painting, to create an urban mood. Here below more pictures of the corridor painting (at work) and of the kitchen painting.

sabato 19 giugno 2010

Thumbs Championship T-Shirt!

Here out latest t-shirt project, published yesterday on Threadless and ready to be voted! If It will receive enough votes, it will be printed as a Threadless t-shirt. So, if you like it, help us voting it on this page or just share it as much as you can (on facebook, twitter, real life, and so on..). Thank you so much!

But let's talk about the t-shirt and the relative championship:  the Thumbs Championship it's a tough championship where tough people have to use thumbs to win against tough opponents with tough thumbs. :-P

The design is created in two versions: the "White Corner" version and the "Red Corner" version, as the two corners of the thumbs fight ring. The first one it's printed on a white t-shirt, the second one on a red t-shirt.  On the white t-shirt the gloves are red and the string is brown (print in 8 colours: reds, browns and white). On the red t-shirt the gloves are light brown and the string is brown (print in 8 colours: browns, grey and white).

On the back the string continues with the knot, and there's the "Guildford '42 Thumbs Championship" name. A funny 3D effect it's given by the shadows and it will make you look like a real Thumb Champion!

Discover more about it in the flash presentation below:

Or look at the details clickin on the pictures to enlarge them:

lunedì 14 giugno 2010

Sapori Ticino 2010

From march to may 2010 we realized 34 paintings for the high gastronomy event "San Pellegrino Sapori Ticino 2010" and 7 other paintings with the same style but without the culinary concept.
The 34 paintigs are portraits of chefs and guests that partecipated at the events in different restaurants in Ticino with images of Lugano on backgroud. In different days, seven Chefs working in Ticino invited in theyr restaurants 7 'queens' of high European gastronomy, women who thanks to the excellent quality of their dishes have all obtained coveted Michelin stars. During every event, our painting were give as presents to the Chefs and the special guests.

The 7 paintings are all realized with 2 different whites, 2 different reds and black and they show views (not totally real) of the city of Lugano. Both works are on 30x30 cm canvas and made with mixed media: spray paint, serigraphy and acrilyc paint.

The Chefs in the portraits are: Luigi Lafranco, Anna  Ros, Alessio Rossi, Montse Estruch, Frank Oerthle, Anna Sgroi, Dario Ranza, Luisa Valazza, Martin Dalsass, Sala Ruch-Fukuoka, Gian Luca Ros, Anna Matscher, Ivo Adam, Tanja Grandits.
The other guests are: Alessandro Sacco, Alberto Petruzzella, Anthony John Helbling, Charles Bouffle, Christian Schmed, Dany Stauffacher, Fabrice Bouverat, Giorgio Giudici, Luigi Zanini Jr., Luigi Zanini Sr., Marco Barbieri, Matteo Pelli, Michel Beneventi, Pascal Ottinger, Grazia Saporiti, Edy Cattaneo, Stefano Winteler, Willy Winteler, Dominique Rouvinez, Lorenzo Stoll.