martedì 3 maggio 2011

The Munny and Dunny paradox!

The 23th of april 2011 we went to Fribourg (CH), after passing a selection in march, to realize a Munny custom during the Asphalt Kreatorz contest at the Cafè Le XXeme. We realized a double coustom using the 7 inches Munny (Kidrobot), provided by the organizators, and a 4 inches Munny, that we transformed in a Dunny. 

We used a quick drying modelling paste, spray paint, markers and so on, and in 7 hours we created our personal interpretation about the controversial genesis of the two characters. :-P the big Munny became a sort of Egg and the small Munny (transformed in a Dunny) became the little chick coming out from the egg. The organizators gave us the first place. :-)

Which came first, the Munny or the Dunny?

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