sabato 9 novembre 2013

Mur-Murs: tête-à-tête passé/présent

Today, Saturday 9th of November 2013, is the opening day of the "Mur-Murs - tête-à-tête passé/présent" exhibition, at Musée du papier peint in Mézières (Fribourg, Switzerland).
The new temporary exhibition is taking place in all the rooms of the wonderful château de Mézières.
All the artists involved have been asked to build a dialogue between tradition and modernity and to think over the future evolutions of painted paper and wallpapers, so we decided to build an installation that works as a time connection between man and nature, technology and life.

We are glad to be part of this project with other 11 Swiss and international artists.

The exhibition runs from 9th November 2013 to 24th May 2014.
Public vernissage: Saturday 9th Nov at 5 pm.

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domenica 7 luglio 2013

Part of the Process, solo exhibition/installation!

Today (07.07.2013) at 17:00 will take place the opening of our new installation "Part of the process" at the Limonaia of Villa Saroli in Lugano, CH (Museo d'Arte Lugano). The installation will last till the 6th of september 2013.

venerdì 21 giugno 2013

The Tin Can Phone Project!

Our new "Tin Can Phone Project" is finally starting!
From the period 21.06 to 21.07.2013, in the context of the Longlake festival of Lugano, the "sottopassaggio dei cigni" in Lugano has been transformed in a new place.


The "Tin Can Phone Project" is a termporary interactive installation basically composed by a big surrounding blackboard and an automatic chalks vending machine. Everyone is free to interact in many different ways. It's possible to draw, to write, to decorate and to create, to answer to other people messages or just look and think. It's possible to photograph what you create or what you like and then share your picture to generate a bigger. We imagine that this project could generate a spontaneous and "real" communication and that could record the life of a place that is daily living without leaving any trace. We imagine to create a strong relation to the place, totally based and powered by the people and what people is.

Visit, share, post, communicate on:

Check the position of the underpass on the map

This new variant of the "Funnel Project" (proposed at the competition for the tunnel Lugano-Besso) has been specifically re-designed for the "Cigni" underpass of Lugano (Riva Albertolli) and for the duration of Longlake Festival. It focuses more on the aspect of communication as interaction within the ordered chaos as a result of the differences and similarities that characterize each comparison and make it possible.

Passers-by will be able to participate and express themselves freely, encouraged throughout the duration of the event from targeted interventions and from the gradual layering of their own interactions within one or more temporary new "discussions". Using the webcite and social networks (such as Instagram and twitter) everyone will be able to share everything and connect outside the geographical place.

For a month, 24 hours on 24, 7 days out of 7, "Tin Can Phone Project" will live independently of what it's made.

lunedì 6 maggio 2013

271 Meters!

Today, 6th of may 2013, is the opening day of the "271 Meters" exhibition in Copenhagen (Denmark) organized by ArtRebels. This exhibition is a selection of 12 projects (on 140) presented for the "Ørestad Street Art Competition", that intended to paint a 271 meters long wall (the winner is Hyuro, that will realize the painting in may).

We are happy to be in the 12 selected artists and also honored that a part of our project has been used for the graphics related to the exhibition (as you can see in the flyer above).
The 12 projects are presented in the exhibition that started today at 2:30 pm at the Ørestad Bibliotek (Arne Jacobsens Allé, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark).

martedì 23 aprile 2013

Listening to the song of the whales!

This is a painting we realized on commission in january 2013. It's an indoor painting made on two different floors connected by stairs. It's impossible to see it for entire without moving, because of the structure of the place, and so becomes suggestive the moment when someone walks upstairs or downstairs, perceiving two different moods and two different situations. Discovering step by step that the percentage of oxygen is changing, and that it ts proportionate to the volume of the notes of the song of the whales.

lunedì 18 marzo 2013

Making Triangles, a sculpture!

"Making triangles" is the first sculpture of our recent series of works (that we use to call "living-structures"). It is an aluminium sculpture of 70x70x30cm, realized in 2012.

The first image appearing readable is an equilateral triangle from which, shortly after, becomes noticeable the speed control and a connection of twisted intertwined mechanisms. Approaching more appear more evident a pipes system and some elements that would suggest a living being: an eye, a mouth and two arms, but still remains a mechanism and, as such, seems to have a function and perhaps an operator. This "living structure" recalls the first creation, in a creative sense, in terms of production and construction; recalls the human potential for growth and creation. The large triangle made to generate something smaller, and it does thanks to the fluid passing through it. This fluid does not, however, come from the outside, but by the same mechanism, it is the lifeblood that flows in the pipes. The reality is self-powered, the man shape itself. It should be added that the equilateral triangle, moreover, is harmony and proportion, and in a sense we have an harmonic system as such and in its parts, with the ability to create. 

A "Red" version of this sculpture was presented at ArtYou - Urban Art Basel 2012, and this new one will be presented at the Grafik13 in Zürich (22-24 of march 2013).

More about it and about the new series of works on:

giovedì 14 marzo 2013


It 'a long time that we do not publish something new here on our blog, and fortunately this is due to the fact that we are working and we have not much free time. However, we are preparing so much material and so many projects that we will realize soon. :-)

The painting you see in the big picture above is named "Undercontrol", we realized it in august 2012 in a pedestrian underpass in Monte Carasso (CH), under the highway, in the context of a project proposed by the Urbanova association.
At the same project were involved also BigTato, PlusPower, Panho, Zeta, Rysk and Irons.

About this painting and its concept we can say that: Everyone moves, since he was born, on roads, means, thoughts and planets that feels as if they had always been here as they are now and as if they always belonged to him.

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