venerdì 25 dicembre 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to everyone!!!
We had no time to make a new Christmas card, so we are "recycling" the old ones :-P (but they've not been posted in a blog so far!)

mercoledì 9 dicembre 2009

Daydream in a Box!


Our latest outdoor painting: "Daydream in a Box" realized on the front wall of the youth center of Breganzona (Switzerland) from the 16th to the 26th of november 2009.
The weather was nice almost all the days, sometimes a little bit misty and cold, but there was no problem doing all we planned to. As you can see in the pictures below (click to enlarge), we started from a yellow paint and we made a vintage texture on it. Then we made a green hole with the same texture and we started with the main subjects and the folded sheet effect.

 ...Now there's a big box in Breganzona and a dragon created from its cutted side. :-)

If you want to see more pictures about our "Daydream in a Box" you can visit our website into the Nevercrew's Art section and if you want to see more about the realization, soon we'll post the video!

Ok, this will probably be the last outdoor artwork for 2009. Now, here in Switzerland, is too cold and rainy for outdoor painting with spray cans and we have to wait till the end of march for a little bit of sun! Of course we'll continue with paintings on canvas, graphics (we're working on 2 nice projects at the moment), illustrations and photgraphy....

sabato 28 novembre 2009

Digital Portfolio 2009!

We updated our website and now you can download our Digital Portfolio 2009 (from december 1996 to october 2009) from the "downloads" page!
We made a Mac Os and a Windows version, both around 450 mb. We know that's a lot, but inside you can find our biography, good quality pictures of us and our works, press about us since 1998, our complete PDF portfolio, direct links to our websites, the "Octopus" video and some nice stuff like wallpapers, icons, an more.
You can just download and keep it on your desktop for a moment you have nothing to do, you can put it on a CD-ROM (it's a DMG for Mac and an ISO for Windows) and send it to all people you know or use it like a freesbee! :-)

So, if you're interested, visit our website and go into the "downloads" page!
(...and soon we'll post our latest outdoor artwork, probably on tuesday!)

martedì 10 novembre 2009

Cover Graphics!

This is one of the most recent graphics we realized and which was published. It's the latest Matteo Pelli's novel "900 metri", in bookstores of south-Switzerland and Italy since the beginning of november.
Of the same series and for the same author, in 2008 we made the cover of "Johnny Pio".
If you want to see more of our graphics, just visit our website and download the "Rebecchi & Togni" pdf.

mercoledì 28 ottobre 2009

Where The Wild Things Are!

Inspired by the memories of our childhood, waiting for the last Spike Jonze's movie, we decided to make a little tribute to Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are".
It's a mix between pencil drawing and computer painting. Below you can see some step of our work!
...And if you like it, you can download a wallpaper in the "downloads" page on our website!!

lunedì 26 ottobre 2009

Octopus Video!

Are you curious about the strange coloured Octopus that lives into the pool n°7 of the Skatepark of Lugano? So watch this video! made the shooting and then we made the editing together (Nevercrew +
Here you have the Youtube link. ...and, if Youtube should switch off our audio, let's try embedding the video directly into the post! (You'll probably be able to watch it only if you have Quick Time installed.. if not, you can download the video here) ...more pictures about the Octopus in our website

mercoledì 21 ottobre 2009

New Postcards!

This afternoon 1'000 copies of our postcard arrived at the post-office! Finally, we were really curious to see them and we are happy about the print quality.
This night we'll give the first 20 to a friend and in the next days we'll put them all around, in every place we can. :-) If someone wants our postcards (for himself, for display or distribute), please write us an email:

lunedì 19 ottobre 2009

Vans Gladiators Flyer!

We just finished a flyer for the "Vans Gladiators Tour" in Rome (22-25 october 2009). Here you can see some step we made to realize it.

venerdì 16 ottobre 2009


We are trying to connect this blog to our Facebook Fans Page, to Twitter and Tumblr to make a better and faster communication.
The results are appreciable, but not really fast as we expected: sometimes a new post needs hours to be automatically imported.

Ok, let's see what happens with this one! :-)

giovedì 15 ottobre 2009

Photo Trip!

At the moment we are taking some picture at the old abandoned hospital in Piotta (Switzerland) with Lorenzo Zoppis. We will soon post something to see in our Flickr albums! :-) (from mobile phone)

mercoledì 14 ottobre 2009

At work!

We're working on two different projects at the same time! The first one is a series of paintings on canvas ("Square Space Life"), and you can have a look at the first part on our website into the "Rebecchi & Togni" art section.
The second one is a mix between painting and sculpture; something like our "Orson" or "S-Quot" boxes, but smaller and with different proportions that permit us more combinations. We should finish in a month. :-)

lunedì 12 ottobre 2009

Welcome to our NEW BLOG!

We would like to inaugurate our new blog with a picture of our last wall-painting: OCTOPUS, at the Skatepark of Lugano. We choosed this strange painting because, recently, is the one that aroused more interest around in the Www. Some example:,,, TheDame.Tumblr

Oh yes, and here you can see it in real time! Skatepark Webcam :-P