In this downloads page we're going to publish downloadable stuff related to our works, visible on our website, like wallpapers, our updated pdf portfolio, and everything we do or we're going to do that can be downloaded. The PDF portfolio is always on the top and then we're going to add new things under it. Just click on the images (or "right click" and "Save Image As") to download.

PDF Portfolio

Wallpaper: Sluggy-P - Superfrosted - Set of 6 - 2560x1440 (added 22-02-2012)

Wallpaper: Sluggy-P / Tutti Giù (The Movie) - Set of 4 - 2560x1440 (added 14-02-2012)

Wallpaper: The Cupboard Dwellers - 2560x1440 (added 14-02-2012)

Wallpaper: Parts of the Process - Set of 8 Wallpapers - 2560x1440 (added 11-01-2012)

Wallpaper: Echohunting (In & Out) - 2560x1440 (added 01-01-2012)

Wallpaper: Icon Girl Pistols - Set of 4 Wallpapers - 2560x1440 (added 21-08-2011)

Wallpaper: Echo Hunting - Set of 4 Wallpapers - 2560x1440 (added 21-08-2011)

Wallpaper: Donut Communication - 2560x1820 (added 06-07-2011)

Wallpaper: The Munny and Dunny paradox - 2560x1600 (added 06-07-2011)

Wallpaper: 3 Customs - 2560x1600 (added 06-07-2011)

Wallpaper: Octopus - 2560x1600 (added 12-2009)

Wallpaper: Where the Wild Things are Tribute - 2560x1600
 (added 11-2009)

Wallpaper: Psycho Monkey Grey - 2560x1600
 (added 02-2009)

Wallpaper: Psycho Monkey Red - 2560x1600
 (added 02-2009)

Wallpaper: Pieces of an irrational World - 2560x1600
 (added 02-2009)

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