domenica 13 novembre 2011

Goodbye Donuts!

It's out now on iTunes Store, the latest album of the japanese band Icon Girl Pistols, for which we made the cover art and we created a new band logo: "Goodbye Donuts (Hey, statue of Liberty)".

We were contacted by the Icon Girl Pistols after using one of their songs for our art-video "Lack of ispiratione" (made with Andrea Todaro). They gave us 100% of freedom and we created something that in our minds could fit with their music. 
The big mechanical creature spread with pink paint a heap-dump-city district floating on the water; he's probably dancing and making a lot of noise while a new life arrives everywhere around him.

Take a better look of the album cover on our website.

You can listen and buy the album on iTunes store, and visit the band's website. We also have a wallpapers set here in the downloads page.

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