lunedì 17 maggio 2010

Oh, What a Strange Thing on my Nose! (DROP)

We finally have all the pictures and videos we need (both by Andrea Todaro) to make this post about the DROP contest in Lausanne where we had to customize a Toy2R's Qee Bear vinyl toy of 20 cm (8 inches). So what happened in Lausanne?

We started preparing our toy around 11 o'clock in the morning, the Characterstation stuff was really kind and there was a nice atmosphere. For every finalist there was a little table where to work, and there was a place to use spray cans without intoxicate other people.
All the other finalist were really quiet and concentrate on theyr work and we needed till 4 o'clok in the afternoon to finish our customization (with its accessories, the camera and the torch). At 6 o'clock in the afternoon the jury decided the winners and our "Oh, What a Strange Thing on my Nose!" arrived 3rd. About it: the basic theme of the entire DROP exhibition was "Black and White". Everyone in every category had to realize something using only black and white and we decided to use them like light and shadow. So, our strange multiple-eyed-Qee it's taking a self-portrait picture to photograph the little strange thing (a ladybug) on its nose and what you see of its face it's because of the flash light.

We're really happy about that because it was a beautiful experience into a beautiful "street art" exposition (DROP) into the beautiful city of Lausanne. We were really satisfied of our work (and the 3rd place) and we saw other people realizing beautiful works (and also the graphics exhibition, the live painting and graffiti).

Here you can see some picture about our work (click on the images to enlarge them), but if you want to see more, visit our Flickr Page, our Facebook album or Characterstation's Facebook Album.