giovedì 25 febbraio 2010

New unexpected outdoor Painting!

It's longtime we don't write on our blog (since Christmas) just because it's longtime that we don't have something interesting to put on it! :-) We spent the last 2 months working mostly on graphics and a bit of photography, but this monday we started with a new outdoor painting!
We don't usually paint outdoor during winter, weather isn't the best and it's really too cold for hands, paint, cans and so on. In this case we accepted the work because it's in an intersting place and for an intersting event: the exhibition "Il Definitivo è Trasformazione" in Locarno (The Definitive is Transformation).
As you can see in the pictures, we're working on a long series of shop windows of an old uninhabited house (named Villa Balli, goin to be renovate..). We're painting only on glass with spray cans (almost only red, at the moment...) and we conceived a strange project... but we'll show you when it'll be finished (tomorrow we finish the painting part, next tuestday we finish the "strange" part, and we'll post as soon as we can pictures and special content on our blog and on our website

Of course the passed two months werent' unuseless: we'll post here also the products of this period soon! :-)

About the exhibition: "Il Definitivo è Trasformazione". Villa Balli, Via Borghese 2, Locarno (Switzerland). Presented by Immobiliare Del Borgo SA and the opening will be the 6th march 2010 (saturday). The artists in the exhibition are: Della Giacoma Jonathan, Di Vuoio Maurizio, Kraus Patrizia, Marelli Flavio, Morroni Anna, Oswald Karlheinz, Poretti Gianni, Ravasio Paola.
From 7th march to 11 april 2010.