lunedì 2 luglio 2012


We recently completed our latest painting: "Magenta - The never-ending game between the Astronaut and the Plastiline Rabbit", a 240 square meters outdoor painting realized at the elementary schools of Bozzoreda, Lugano (CH),  on request of the DSU of Lugano (the public services department of Lugano). 

It is mainly realized with spray cans paint, with some part in acrylic paint markers and lacks. It is composed by two big walls, one perpendicular to the other, and it shows an evolving scenery, a story (or more) that's taking life. The basis of this painting are the idea of creating, of creativity, imagination, thought, discovery and memories; of the great abilities and possibilities from which we naturally can tap into at any age.

...You can hear strange noises coming from behind the little door: the rustle of paper is mixed with the roar of a fully active engine, a slight fluttering of wings seems to accompany the notes of a guitar, while something is moving in the water and seems to enjoy. The small key can reveal everything and involve the visitor in the never-ending game between the astronaut and the plastiline rabbit

Click on the images to enlarge them, and more about "Magenta" on our website.