venerdì 25 dicembre 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to everyone!!!
We had no time to make a new Christmas card, so we are "recycling" the old ones :-P (but they've not been posted in a blog so far!)

mercoledì 9 dicembre 2009

Daydream in a Box!


Our latest outdoor painting: "Daydream in a Box" realized on the front wall of the youth center of Breganzona (Switzerland) from the 16th to the 26th of november 2009.
The weather was nice almost all the days, sometimes a little bit misty and cold, but there was no problem doing all we planned to. As you can see in the pictures below (click to enlarge), we started from a yellow paint and we made a vintage texture on it. Then we made a green hole with the same texture and we started with the main subjects and the folded sheet effect.

 ...Now there's a big box in Breganzona and a dragon created from its cutted side. :-)

If you want to see more pictures about our "Daydream in a Box" you can visit our website into the Nevercrew's Art section and if you want to see more about the realization, soon we'll post the video!

Ok, this will probably be the last outdoor artwork for 2009. Now, here in Switzerland, is too cold and rainy for outdoor painting with spray cans and we have to wait till the end of march for a little bit of sun! Of course we'll continue with paintings on canvas, graphics (we're working on 2 nice projects at the moment), illustrations and photgraphy....