mercoledì 23 novembre 2011

Live and Explore!

In april 2011 we were invited by a crew of UK based journalists (Redwood Group), from the Volvo's LIV magazine, to partecipate in theyr "European Art Movement" project. The basic idea was a trip trough Europe on their Volvo XC60 with three stops, one for every selected artist. The stops were Bornholm in Denmark (Anne Sofie Meldgaard), Leipzig in Germany (Metulczki) and Lugano in Switzerland (us). We had to choose a place to realize a work and we decided to do that on the top of the "Balestra" Carpark in the center of Lugano. 

The work we realized represents a kind of exploration: the astronaut is a person who visits places that few humans can see, looking at things with wonder and, of course, for the first time; he discover them. The car instead explores the inside, lives the place in detail; it knows it and it's part of it. The article and the interview are published on issue n°2 - 2011 of LIV magazine and also as video documentary on Volvo's website. 

You can see the artwork by CLICKING HERE, the video interview by CLICKING HERE and you can read the article HERE.

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