sabato 28 novembre 2009

Digital Portfolio 2009!

We updated our website and now you can download our Digital Portfolio 2009 (from december 1996 to october 2009) from the "downloads" page!
We made a Mac Os and a Windows version, both around 450 mb. We know that's a lot, but inside you can find our biography, good quality pictures of us and our works, press about us since 1998, our complete PDF portfolio, direct links to our websites, the "Octopus" video and some nice stuff like wallpapers, icons, an more.
You can just download and keep it on your desktop for a moment you have nothing to do, you can put it on a CD-ROM (it's a DMG for Mac and an ISO for Windows) and send it to all people you know or use it like a freesbee! :-)

So, if you're interested, visit our website and go into the "downloads" page!
(...and soon we'll post our latest outdoor artwork, probably on tuesday!)

martedì 10 novembre 2009

Cover Graphics!

This is one of the most recent graphics we realized and which was published. It's the latest Matteo Pelli's novel "900 metri", in bookstores of south-Switzerland and Italy since the beginning of november.
Of the same series and for the same author, in 2008 we made the cover of "Johnny Pio".
If you want to see more of our graphics, just visit our website and download the "Rebecchi & Togni" pdf.