sabato 17 luglio 2010

Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

At the beginning of july we realized 2 paintings in a private house, one in a corridor and one in the kitchen. In both projects there were few requests from the client, that however gave us a lot of freedom.
For the main painting "Cuckoo Cuckoo", in the corridor, we had to realize an image contaning the cities of Zürich, Lugano, Locarno and the Leventina valley, and we had to integrate everything with a red stripe. We used acrylics directly on wall (250 x 250 centimeters the main part, but almost 600 cm with the entire red stripe). Here below: the project, considering that we weren't able to take front pictures of the total work. Click on the images to enlarge).

Into the kitchen, we had to create a sort of frame around a chalkboard-painted area of the wall (136 x 70 cm). We painted a billboard using mixed media, acrylics and spray painting, to create an urban mood. Here below more pictures of the corridor painting (at work) and of the kitchen painting.