lunedì 21 marzo 2011

Volvo Art Session!

After some week we finally can show the final product of the Volvo Art Session created by Eqal and Volvo: the picture of our completed painting on the Volvo car and some video (like the one about us and the final timelaps with all the artists in the right order).
The final video was shown during the Car show in Geneva, with Michel Comte pictures and the Volvo Art-Car painted by Wes21.

Some picture of the making of (click to enlarge them). In the first one we work on the first sketch of the paper-Octopus and we start with the car decoration. In the third one we're partecipating at the photo-shooting with Michel Compte and we're painting on Melanie Winiger (more pictures here). In the fifth picture there's a view of the Volvo Art Session into the main station of Zurich.

mercoledì 9 marzo 2011

Donut Communication on ND Mag!

It is now online the issue #1 of ND Mag, an independent digital magazine made by Naughty Design with the goal to exhibit Swiss artists with a creative platform. From page 5 you can find one of our latest artworks, an illustration called "Donut Communication", and an interview with Christian's and Pablo's answers.
The other artists in this issue are: François Thuillard, Claudia Zuber, Petra Zbinden, Natalia Gianinazzi, Marco Spitzbarth, Karin Hauser, Anouk Schneider, Taina and Akira.

Here below some details of our illusration (click on them to enlarge) and a few pages from this issue of ND Mag; but you really have to watch it directly on its website: where it is complete, in good quality, with more than images and readable in different formats (also downloadable as PDF).