venerdì 17 febbraio 2012

Sluggy P!

"Sluggy P" is a character that we created for the upcoming movie "Tutti Giù" by Niccolò Castelli (ImagoFilm), for wich we worked as art directors, that's going to be released in 2012.

Sluggy-P is a pigeon like any other one, but probably not so easy going. He doesn't like the chaotic life of the metropolis, also if he likes to live there. He desires a better life for everyone (and for himself, of course) with all the modern comforts and technologies, but without the excess and disorder of bad informations and without pollution. He loves colors, creativity and diversity, but can't stand confusion and intolerance. This stressful situation makes him very hungry and a bit depressed, and he takes comfort from the sweetness of donuts, like an edible colored lifebelt. 

More about Sluggy P on our Website.

More about "Tutti Giù" on the official page and on the IMDb page.
A wallpapers set is available on our Downloads Page.


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