giovedì 12 gennaio 2012

Parts of the Process!

We were invited by the RSI (Radiotelevisione Svizzera Italiana) to create an image for the T-Shirts of the 10th anniversary of the broadcast "BandZ On Air".
So we started a search of the necessary elements, looking into the underground music scene of Ticino, going through homes and pockets of singers and musicians, asking to the experts and to the beginners, scouring the streets and the bars in our cities.
What we found are the pieces that will help us to create a musical and creative living machine, and in this special picture we will show you how it works. :-)

As everyone knows, there are balloons in the sky filled with color... so, this is the starting point of the machine we're building for the T-Shirt. Through an elaborate process, the balloons are attracted and captured and, passing into a system of canals, are transformed by the special elements that compose the living machine (and that we have worked so hard to find).
There are, for example, the "Bio Fermentation" that produces a velvety feeling through an inevitable explosion of plastic bacteria; the "Music Jam Jar", the container where the various elements find the right tune; the "Fluidisation Prism", that receives the imput from its dark side and delivers new variations from the opposite one.

The musical and creative living machine is almost ready, we just have to do the final touches and catch some flying color balloon to make some test! :-) In the meantime, you can download this image (in 8 different colors), to use as wallpaper or just to learn more about the machine, in our DOWNLOADS page.

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