mercoledì 22 febbraio 2012

Sluggy P - Superfrosted!

Sluggy P Superfrosted is the hairy version of Sluggy P (our latest 4 inches designer toy), evolved for situations of considerable frost and frosting (outdoor or in the kitchen). As the "regular" Sluggy P, the Superfrosted lives in the cities and look at us from the top of the buildings; but he's more relaxed and also likes to visit mountains and nature, or to walk right on the streets. His new hairy surface gives him the necessary protection from low temperatures and bad weather (also between persons), and also more adherence on his head to grab everything he needs. Needless to say, thanks to his white hairy-look he's frequently confused with a Yeti, but he's more common and not aggressive.
In the first series, we will produce 50 pieces with white hair and pink donut and 50 pieces with white hair and blue donut, both numbered and signed and buyable on our store.

To know more about Sluggy P Superfrosted, visit its page on our website.

Click here to know more about the "regular" Sluggy P and here to visit our store.

A wallpaper set is on out downloads page.


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