domenica 1 gennaio 2012

Volvo Art Session 2011 Art Book

After 9 months from the Volvo Art Session at the main station of Zürich (CH), organized by Eqal, the event reached his end with the presentation of the book "Volvo Art Session 2011" during the Kunst 11 art fair in Zürich.
The book is the result of the work that the photographer Michel Comte made during the 5 days of the event in february 2011. During the exhibition, where were presented big prints of selected pictures and the Volvo car painted by Wes21, a personalized copy of the book was given to each artist of the Volvo Art Session (DAIM, Wes21, Donovan & Onur, Pius Portmann, Nevercrew, Blackyard, C-Line, Yummy Industries, Michel Fr, Sukibamboo).

Book details: Publisher: Edition A&Z, Zurich / Switzerland. 144 pages. Language: German / English / French. Size: 30.5 x 30.5 cm. Available on DAIM's online store.

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