venerdì 19 marzo 2010

Hangselm Series 2: Not An Air Freshener!

The first customized Hangselm of the second series, named "Not An Air Freshener", is now online! It is made by Simona Meisser and you can download it on Hangselm's website!

This second series is designed to begin to expand the HANGSELM project involving, only initially and upon invitation, artists from south Switzerland or just connected to south Switzerland. Of course it’s also opened to artists from around the world that desire to partecipate. 15 Hangselm are planned for this series and some day ago we sent the invitations to the Swiss artists... and now something begin to arrive!

Simona Meisser was born in Lugano in 1984 and she graduated in 2003 as Textile Creator at the CSIA of Lugano and in 2006 as Illustrator at the IED of Milan. From 2007 she works free lance as illustrator with various publishing houses. She also shows her artworks in touring exhibitions and makes graphic-pictorial activities at the elementary schools. 

Since we published Hangselm's website we also received many requests from artists from different countries and we're really curious to see the next Hagselms of the second series!

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