lunedì 15 marzo 2010

The Hangselm Project!

Apparently it’s only a piece of colored paper cut, folded and pasted… and indeed from many point of view it is. Once ready, however, an Hangselm can play many different roles within the home life, the social life and in several other fields (not excluding astrophysics and marine biology), and could only be so. 
An Hangselm is made to hang on to something or someone and hang out at all kind of places, it can hang together with those who love him or hang on hanging from the handle of the front door (if hung in the kitchen perhaps can even get the hang of cooking!)

We created this project with the first series consisting of five elements (The Dirty Painters Series) that we also painted in Locaro at Villa Balli. One of the ideas of the project is to involve various artists (graphic designers, painters, illustrators, etc…) and that’s why there will be other series.

Visit Hangselm's website:    ...and also its facebook page!

Visit Hangselm's Website! the painted Hangselms... if you want to see more, just check
the previous post on this blog!

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