sabato 6 marzo 2010

Hangselm & the Dirty Painters!

Here we go with the pictures of the Villa Balli painting in Locarno... but not only!! As already mentioned, in february we made an outdoor painting on the old shop windows of the unhabited Villa Balli in Locarno for the exhibition "Il Definitivo è Trasformazione" (today, the 6th of march 2010, will be the inauguration).
We were free to decide what to do and this work, named "Dirty Painters - Cut + Fold", is our way to interpretate the idea of "transformation" in a funny way and it was the occasion to create something more than a painting.
In fact, we added a 3D element inside one of the shop windows and we planned everything to be a painting, a sculpture and a paper toy at the same time. This is how Hangselm is born.

As you can see in the following pictures, there are four "uncut" charachters on the wall and all of them are painters. The fifth has been cut out and built, and it's free to paint as he likes. 

Hence for the occaision we decided to let you interact with our work and we created a paper-toy to cut and fold, named Hangselm. The Hangselm Dirty Painters Series is at the same time the outcome and the beginning of this work, as well as the first series of our first paper toy. 

You can easily download a printable version of Hangselm here.

Click on the images to enlarge them...

...and here is the Hangselm paper-toy (downloadable here) in some of its favourites activities.

"Have you ever thought that's there's too much empty space on your jacket? That it's missing something before your eyes while driving? That your wardrobe gives a sense of sadness every morning? ...or simply that something unusual around you would be nice?
Well, it's time to build your Hangselm!"

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