lunedì 7 febbraio 2011

Waiting for the Volvo Art Session!


The 9th of february starts the "Volvo Art Session" in Zürich, at the main station. We are between the 10 artists invited by the organizators of the event ( and we have to paint this thursday (10.02.2011), from the 15:00 pm to the 01:00 am. 

The rest of the artists are: C-Line, Blackyard, Yummy Industries, Daim, Lowrider, Pius Portman, Sukibamboo, Donovan & Onur, Wes21.

Every artist has to paint on a Volvo car and on a canvas on the background, painting on the previous artist's artwork. The final product will be a video and there will be also the photographer Michel Comte during this 5-days-event, wich will end the 13.02.2011 night.

More info, a timeline with all the artists, live webcams to see the event, and more on

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no comment!

Soy Charlie ha detto...

Seria bueno asistir a este evento

Anonimo ha detto...

Here's the first artist's (C-liNe) part ha detto...

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