mercoledì 16 febbraio 2011

First half of february!

As written some week ago, we're working on different things at the moment. Some are still in progress, some are arriving to an end and some are finished (but not ready to be published). The 10.02.2010 we partecipated at the Volvo Art Session and today we finished the sculpture for Costa Crociere (ready to go on foundry), a really different project compared to our usual works, but ordered with this style. 
Soon we will show more and better of both works, but at the moment there are only frames taken from a video and from the live webcams for the Volvo Art Session performance, and pictures of the "making off" for the Costa Crociere sculpture.

There's a little problem with our website's art galleries: we can't update them. We will soon rebuild it totally, but for the moment it's possible to DOWNLOAD OUR PDF PORTFOLIO to see our main works.

Oh! There's also a video made with frames from the webcams by Ledfilms:

Costa Crociere

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