lunedì 12 ottobre 2009

Welcome to our NEW BLOG!

We would like to inaugurate our new blog with a picture of our last wall-painting: OCTOPUS, at the Skatepark of Lugano. We choosed this strange painting because, recently, is the one that aroused more interest around in the Www. Some example:,,, TheDame.Tumblr

Oh yes, and here you can see it in real time! Skatepark Webcam :-P

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Homerecca ha detto...

Oho...Skatepark rinnovato...con lo zampin...ehm, tentacolo del Neva-Crew! Un'opera memorabile! Salutone! Flavio

Christian Rebecchi ha detto...

Haha, grazie mille!
Ma tu hai un blog?


hotmir7285 ha detto...


Christian Rebecchi ha detto...

:-) Thank you! :-)

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