lunedì 26 ottobre 2009

Octopus Video!

Are you curious about the strange coloured Octopus that lives into the pool n°7 of the Skatepark of Lugano? So watch this video! made the shooting and then we made the editing together (Nevercrew +
Here you have the Youtube link. ...and, if Youtube should switch off our audio, let's try embedding the video directly into the post! (You'll probably be able to watch it only if you have Quick Time installed.. if not, you can download the video here) ...more pictures about the Octopus in our website

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jen* ha detto...


Christian Rebecchi ha detto...

Thank you Jen! :-)

dom ha detto...

YES! any drowned yet ?!
great stuff guys.

Christian Rebecchi ha detto...

Thank you Dom!

We're working on some graphics project in these days and on a wall painting project. We'll realize something new at the end on november (and of course we'll post it immediately):-P

Later we'll probably post one of the latests graphic works we made!

Thanky ou again! :-D

Anonimo ha detto...

Wow.. you even got a DD on deviantArt for this today! congratz!

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