venerdì 21 giugno 2013

The Tin Can Phone Project!

Our new "Tin Can Phone Project" is finally starting!
From the period 21.06 to 21.07.2013, in the context of the Longlake festival of Lugano, the "sottopassaggio dei cigni" in Lugano has been transformed in a new place.


The "Tin Can Phone Project" is a termporary interactive installation basically composed by a big surrounding blackboard and an automatic chalks vending machine. Everyone is free to interact in many different ways. It's possible to draw, to write, to decorate and to create, to answer to other people messages or just look and think. It's possible to photograph what you create or what you like and then share your picture to generate a bigger. We imagine that this project could generate a spontaneous and "real" communication and that could record the life of a place that is daily living without leaving any trace. We imagine to create a strong relation to the place, totally based and powered by the people and what people is.

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Check the position of the underpass on the map

This new variant of the "Funnel Project" (proposed at the competition for the tunnel Lugano-Besso) has been specifically re-designed for the "Cigni" underpass of Lugano (Riva Albertolli) and for the duration of Longlake Festival. It focuses more on the aspect of communication as interaction within the ordered chaos as a result of the differences and similarities that characterize each comparison and make it possible.

Passers-by will be able to participate and express themselves freely, encouraged throughout the duration of the event from targeted interventions and from the gradual layering of their own interactions within one or more temporary new "discussions". Using the webcite and social networks (such as Instagram and twitter) everyone will be able to share everything and connect outside the geographical place.

For a month, 24 hours on 24, 7 days out of 7, "Tin Can Phone Project" will live independently of what it's made.

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