mercoledì 6 ottobre 2010

Donuts Mon Amour!

Our latest t-shirt design is ready to be voted on Threadless! Help it become a real printed t-shirt voting it and sharing it everywhere you can (on facebook, on twitter, and so on...). Click HERE to vote. and see more. Thank you! :-)

This is a funny mix of black & white drawing, old cars, donuts and tributes. The idea is to print it with two colors on white backgroung. The front show the imagie you see above and on the back you can see the same scene but from the back and backlight (a black shape!). You can see the flash presentation below, and you can vote it here.

2 commenti:

Soy Charlie ha detto...

Cool!!! está buenísimo!!!

Christian Rebecchi ha detto...

Thank you so much Charlie!! :-)

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